Newsletter: May 2020

Newsletter: May 2020

Section from “The Edge: Great Almscliffe Crag

Hi Everyone and welcome to my May Newsletter!

Well it’s still all a bit strange but life has settled down, in my case anyway to walking first thing in the morning and then getting out into the studio… I’ve been working through loads of material that I had collected before lockdown hit, but have to admit that I am now getting really itchy feet to be out in the hills, which is where most of my work starts. So lucky that we have nice walks around here, but they are all very gentle and not as wild and wonderful as I like for painting!!

Lovely local walk through the trees.

Anyway down to what I’ve been up to! Apart from a small degree of chaos caused by my laptop going into melt down and loads of internet issues, I’ve been working really hard with the steering group for North Yorkshire Open Studios. As I mentioned last month, we decided late on to run as an online event, so we have all been hard at work making videos and promoting the event via social media etc.. It’s looking like being a fantastic event; with around 60 artists participating via videos which include virtual tours, demos and much more!

The event runs on the first two weekends of June, 6th and 7th June & 13th and 14th June. Each artist’s video will be uploaded in turn in a given time slot, but will stay online afterwards so you don’t have to panic to see them immediately! Most of us will be online and available for questions and chat about our work and so on. The whole thing takes place on the NYOS Facebook page:

Given I’m a ‘Y’, I’m up in the very last slot on the second weekend, on Sunday 14th June-so please don’t forget me at the end!!

Also very excitingly, I am delighted to say that I’m a featured artist in Painters TUBES magazine, Landscape Edition which is free to read online now:

It’s been pretty busy, but I have spent lots of time painting; this month focussing on a large canvas which has developed out of the Great Almscliffe Crag work I shared last month. This is a 152cm x 122cm canvas I’m calling, ’ ‘The Edge’. It took the whole month to create, which is partly why I’m writing this in the nick of time at the very end of the month! Well that’s my excuse anyway! The image below shows one of the studies I used as a starting point for the painting…

Study for The Edge’
The Edge: Great Almscliffe Crag

I was trying to convey loads of drama, excitement and movement, and to do this I’ve used lots of very expressive brush strokes. The painting is made up of loads of layers, some of which are very translucent soft glazes, laid over more opaque under painting….anyway I hope you like it!

WIP some of the glazed layers being built up…

**If you would like to see more of any of the work above, I have a designated page on my website showing new work which is currently available. To purchase simply email me and I can take a hassle free and secure card payment, and your chosen painting will be winging its way to you! I’ve been sending out work throughout lockdown without any issues.

*If you’re interested in finding out more about any of the work shown, please email:

**Make sure you don’t miss my monthly newsletters by signing up…I won’t be bombarding you with stuff, just one monthly email with news of what I’ve been up to, and latest available work, and you’ll be the first to know about shows…when they do start up again! 

Above all, now as before take care and keep in touch, Jo x

All text and images copyright Jo York 2020

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