Newsletter: January 2020

Newsletter: January 2020

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Looking down from Sutton Bank

Ok so we are already a week into 2020, and I’ve spent the time, getting out and walking, trying to wear off the post Christmas slump in energy and planning the year ahead. This is a genuinely exciting year for me as I am finally focussing on my own work, and cutting down on the other things I do….for those that don’t know I’ve always combined making art with teaching and education consultancy, and a load of other art related stuff too. All of it has been fascinating, and rewarding, especially as I really think Art education matters, but finally I have some time to properly spend on making the work I really want to make. So roll on 2020!!

Sketchbook page in marker and pencil

So alongside planning a whole range of new work( more of which in my next newsletter), I’ve been taking some time to review a substantial project I’ve been working on in the last few months…Cornish Margins, which has been brewing for over two years. It’s exploring the marginal land along the coast path, and the way that borders between land, sea and sky shift and merge and change. The wild and exposed areas of coast, around Zennor are very special to me, and I’ve been walking them, photographing, drawing, and making notes for many years….images and ideas burble away in my head and in my painting notebooks until something emerges that I’m excited to work with. Paintings in this series range from small intense pieces around 30cm x 30cm through to large expressive canvases over a metre wide.

The page above is from my painting notebook, where I play with compositions, make notes and colour swatches and generally try to work out what I’m doing, both before and whilst I’m painting.

Detail from Between Land and Sea: Zennor

Some of the paintings focus on structures and patterns in the landscape; rhythms and lines, traces of past occupation and industry, while others have a more expressive intention, in which I’m concentrating on conveying atmosphere and a more intense sense of being there. None of them are truly representational, they are abstractions and evocations and a very personal response.

The thumbnails above show the series so far…I don’t feel I’ve finished with it yet, but I have loads of other ideas emerging so may take a break and come back to it?

**If you’re interested in any of the pieces shown, please email me for further information:

I’m focussing on making rather than shows this month so more news to follow next time, but meanwhile make a note in your diaries for the rather wonderful North Yorkshire Open Studios 2020, which takes place on the first two weekends of June: Saturday 6th June and Sunday 7th June and Saturday 13th June and Sunday 14th June...I’m in the Central Group and showing from my home studio-Hope to see you there!

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