Harlow Carr Site Specific Artwork for the Bramall Learning Centre

Harlow Carr Site Specific Artwork for the Bramall Learning Centre

This was a wonderful opportunity for students from nine local secondaries to produce site specific Artworks for permanent display in the ground-breaking new learning centre at RHS Harlow Carr in Harrogate.

Students from all the schools, got together for a wonderful day of collaboration and experimentation at Harlow Carr…they were able to work together, and take part in tutorials with staff from other schools.

Work on the day included drawing workshops and a major focus on collecting visual information, and generating ideas. Students returned to school and completed their pieces in an enormous array of materials and techniques including; photography, collage and montage, layering and mixed media, and thickly textured acrylics. The distinctive landscape format was common to all the work and was chosen to reflect the long narrow windows in the Bramall Learning Centre itself.

Feedback from the wonderful team who work in the centre, from all the visitors on the opening evening and from the the many many people who visit the centre every year, has been incredibly positive, and has meant an enormous amount to all the students involved!

Do see it for yourself…the Bramall Centre itself is amazing and one of the most ecologically sound buildings in the UK..

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